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Homes for Heroes in Lakeland, Bartow, Winter Haven, and Greater Polk County


Homes for Heroes provides extraordinary savings to Heroes who provide extraordinary services to our nation and its communities every day.


Homes for Heroes gives back to those who serve.


Homes for Heroes is cause-related, team-oriented, positive, grateful, committed and innovative.

In 2002, following the tragic events of 9/11, Homes for Heroes was created as a way to say, “Thank You” and honor Heroes who serve our nation and its communities through rebates and discounts on real estate related services.

Today, we continue to provide those services and look to partner with additional real estate professionals, national organizations, consumer brands, and local businesses who want to participate in our mission.

The brand personality describes the tone and manner of the Homes for Heroes brand that we want to communicate, in both the things we say and also in the interactions we have with Heroes and other key audiences.

Cause-Related: Our for-profit business coordinates with the non-profit organization for mutual benefit.
Team-Oriented: We focus on the spirit of teamwork and collaboration to achieve our goals.
Positive: Focus on the benefits gained from the services provided by others.
Grateful: Give thanks for the services provided by others: “Our way to say Thank You!”
Committed: We are dedicated to serving others and providing savings.
Innovative: We are nimble and constantly striving toward new and smarter ways to serve and provide savings.

Our Hero Counter

About Homes for Heroes Florida - Your resource for Homes for Heroes Lakeland Bartow Winter Haven Polk County - Dory Joseph

About Our Team

Our Home for Heroes Lakeland Team

Homes for Heroes Lakeland - Your resource for Homes for Heroes Lakeland Bartow Winter Haven Polk County - Dory Joseph

Dory Rodriguez Joseph has been a Floridian since 1998. She moved from Puerto Rico with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and completed her second bachelor’s degree in Architectural Design from the University of South Florida.
She has been married to James K. Joseph for 7 years and has a terrific two year old daughter Nanishy Marie. Heroes have been an intricate part of her family: her father worked in the Police Department for 37 years, her mother a nurse, a brother in the Navy and a cousin in the Coast Guard.
Dory understands the sacrifices and hard work ALL HEROES have to make and is honored to serve those who serve so many!

Our Recent Heroes

Homes for Heroes at the Winter Haven Police Deptartment

Homes for Heroes at the Winter Haven Police Deptartment

I was invited by Chief of Winter Haven Police Department Charlie Bird. A wonderful man and a very kind hearted person. I was then referred to the Training Officer Mr. Kenneth Brewer or (Kenny) as everybody called him. I was given 2 days to go there at 5:30am and the...

Why do I work with Homes for Heroes?

Why do I work with Homes for Heroes?

Homes for Heroes is our way to say: "Thank You" to those who serve our community. We help Military Personnel, (active and retired), Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Nurses, Teachers and Clergy. I have been working as a Real Estate Agent for 14 years. With a background...

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